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The 3rd Level – Orange Belt (6th kyu) Exam Sequence

At this level the karateka needs to improve the previus exam sequence showing the improvement during the Kihon, Kata and Kumite execution. 03 Graduation Exam ORANGE to GREEN Sequence SENSEIRODRIGO.COM Oss! RELATED: THE IMPORTANCE OF BREATH IN KARATE!   Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinemail

The second step – Yellow Belt (8th kyu) Exam Sequence

The Karate life training is like a building when you have to go upstairs just by stairs, with no lifts. The “second floor” is the Yellow Belt (8th Kyu) and here are the Graduation Exam Sequence that all students have to perform to reach the the 3rd level.   02 Graduation Exam YELLOW to ORANGE…

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Let´s start from the beginning – White Belt (9th kyu) Exam Sequence

All Traditional Karate-Do students start with white belt. In WTKF UAE we have this first level as 9th Kyu. You can find the White Belt Exam Sequence including Kihon, Kata and Kumite at the pdf file. 01 Graduation Exam WHITE to YELLOW Sequence SENSEIRODRIGO.COM   Oss! Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinemail

Sensei Rodrigo performing the First Flying Kick (Mae Tobi Geri)

In the beginning of Karate training, the practicioner learn the basics about the kicks. The first “Flying Kick” to learn is the Mae Tobi Geri (flying front kick) starting at the Green Belt level (6th Kyu). To know this kick, the karateka needs to learn the previus kicks to improve balance and leg control: Mae…

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DKC at JKS CUP 2018 – the best campain so far!

On 20/04/18 happens at Al Ahli Club/Dubai the 14TH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (JKS CUP) and Sensei Rodrigo bring 9 Dubai Karate Centre athletes to participate this year. Sensei Rodrigo has the support of Sensei Nicandro Figueiredo (who worked as coach with him) and all parents who was there to push the students. This is the best campain so…

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Must watch martial arts movies chosen by Sensei Rodrigo

Martial arts has captivated audiences all over the world. While not everything we see in the movies is realistic, Sensei Rodrigo shares his favorite picks for martial arts movies that all karate lovers will enjoy!   1. KURO-OBI   In English, the title means “Black Belt” and it’s an hour and a half of action!…

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Understanding the command “Hajime” and when it is used in karate

The command of  the Japanese word “Hajime” (meaning start) is used in various contexts. In an educational enviornment or a training session, the Sensei will use Hajime to indicate that the activity should begin, in instances such as kihon, kata, kumite, and more. During competitions Hajime is used with a number of word combinations. The command of “Shobu…

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Preparation methods: karate beginners versus advanced students

The tradtional karate structure and learning streams try to make it easy for beginner students to learn the correct execution of techniques. During white belt, yellow belt and orange belt, your Sensei might emphasize preparations needed for a specific technique. Later, as the student advances, they will notice that the preparation seems to “disappear”. In…

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Sensei Rodrigo discusses his thoughts on backward Oizuki

Many Senseis teach Oizuki (punches) backwards. If the karateka goes backwards for some reason during the punches, he or she should consider that at the last moment the power needs to go through the target. In other words, the body can move backwardsm but not during the whole execution. Rather, it is just until before…

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Counting in Japanese is essential for karate

Beginning your educational journey in karate might seem intimidating as you really are learning a new language (unless you happen to speak Japanese.) Counting during techniques is done in Japanese, and many of the terms used even during white belt training are in Japanese. This instructional and easy to follow video will help you with…

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