Show with Karate and Music feat. Sensei Rodrigo is online!

A great unpublished show made in city of Cuiabá, Brazil at the UFMT Theatre on 2015 by Sensei Rodrigo and Center America Karate Shotokan Association, Conductor Murilo and the Youth Mato Grosso Orquestra as a Criança Esperança Project promotion. This show tell us the history of 2 karate students (with Brayan Saavedra as Jiriu and…

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4th level – Green Belt (6th Kyu) Exam Sequence

Once reached this level, the student will learn some new skills including Heian Yondan, Koza Dachi, Yoko Hiji Ate, etc. This is the introduction to the advance level which starts on Bue Belt 1 (4th Kyu). 04 Graduation Exam GREEN to BLUE 1 Sequence SENSEIRODRIGO.COM Oss! RELATED: Shizentai, yame and yoi – what’s the difference?…

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DKC at JKS CUP 2018 – the best campain so far!

On 20/04/18 happens at Al Ahli Club/Dubai the 14TH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (JKS CUP) and Sensei Rodrigo bring 9 Dubai Karate Centre athletes to participate this year. Sensei Rodrigo has the support of Sensei Nicandro Figueiredo (who worked as coach with him) and all parents who was there to push the students. This is the best campain so…

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Must watch martial arts movies chosen by Sensei Rodrigo

Martial arts has captivated audiences all over the world. While not everything we see in the movies is realistic, Sensei Rodrigo shares his favorite picks for martial arts movies that all karate lovers will enjoy!   1. KURO-OBI   In English, the title means “Black Belt” and it’s an hour and a half of action!…

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